Land Access

Townsville Enterprise Limited (TEL) have engaged SMEC to undertake consultancy services for the investigation, design and environmental approvals required for the Hells Gates Dam and Irrigation Scheme Business Case.



An effective and enduring relationship with landholders is critical to project success and TEL is committed to building and maintaining trusting and ongoing relationships with the owners and residents of the land on which we conduct our activities.

TEL’s approach to land access is based on:

  • Engaging with each landholder within the project area prior to any project activity on their land
  • Working towards outcomes that, wherever possible, benefit both parties
  • Locating and scheduling project activities to reduce the impacts on landowner activities.

Delivering the project

A principle element of the project is to liaise with key stakeholders and landholders in order to access the proposed site of the dam and associated infrastructure, the area of inundation and the irrigation areas to progress the reference design and undertake relevant field investigations such as:

  • Environmental field survey (e.g. ecological assessment, water quality sampling, soil survey and noise monitoring)
  • Cultural heritage survey
  • Bore survey
  • Topographic / LiDAR survey
  • Inspection and mapping of the site by SMEC’s engineers, geologists and sub-consultants
  • Geotechnical / Geophysical Investigations (e.g. survey camp, access tracks & drill pads, geotechnical drilling and geotechnical mapping).

To view our Land Access Protocol, download the below document.  Our Land Access Consent Form can also be viewed here but is intended to be negotiated with individual landholder requirements in mind.

Land Access Protocol


Land Access Consent Form