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Located in the Upper Burdekin catchment, the Hells Gates Dam and Irrigation Scheme offers potential for major new agricultural export opportunities across the region, sustainable electricity generation and the potential for long-term water security for Charters Towers.

Benefits of the Hells Gates Dam and Irrigation Scheme


Direct & Indirect Jobs


Optimised Funding


Environmental Studies

50,000 Ha

Irrigated Agriculture

Pumped Hydro Power

8hrs Storage

Long Term

Water Storage Security

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The Hells Gates Project

Hells Gates Dam and Irrigation Scheme is part of the long term planning for water infrastructure for Northern Australia. If built, Hells Gates would open the way for irrigated agriculture and electricity generation in the region west of Townsville.

The business case builds on the outcomes of a feasibility study commissioned by Townsville Enterprise Limited (TEL) in 2017. The feasibility study considered various options for the project including location, scale and configuration, and compared factors such as cost, technical feasibility and environmental impacts for each option. The preferred option identified in the feasibility study is being investigated through this business case process.

The detailed Business Case, scheduled for completion in April 2022, will closely examine the technical aspects, including engineering and environmental constraints, and the economic and financial feasibility of constructing a dam and developing the associated irrigation network in the Upper Burdekin catchment. It will also look at the potential for a pumped hydro power facility north of the Hells Gates Dam location.

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